June 2022 - TLT Global Missions Network

TLT Global Missions Network

June 2022 Edition

The TLT Global Missions Network partners world-wide with gifted leaders that oversee Churches, Orphanages, Christian Radio Stations, Schools, Bible Institutes, Feeding Programs, Bible Translation/Linguistic Ministries and Domestic Ministries. Our Global Missions Team provides financial accounting and support, administrative assistance, oversight, technical training, logistic/missions team training and global logistics to assist in the making of disciples and the teachings that Jesus commanded.


We are excited about our new website, missions link and the ability to present to you a newsletter on a consistent basis. We trust this newsletter will help keep you informed concerning our network partners, events, mission trips, projects and financial updates.


Since the war began in Ukraine Pastor Vasi has been leading a team weekly to help those in need in Ukraine. Thanks to your giving the team was able to ship food, clothing and medical supplies to those in need in Ukraine.

Please continue to pray for Pastor Vasi and the team’s safety as they cross the border to deliver these supplies. Here is a direct link to give. Click on the FUND section, select Missions, and in the Memo section enter Ukraine. https://pushpay.com/g/thelordstable?src=hpp... You can also mail funds to The Lord’s Table, PO Box 11049 Goldsboro N.C. 27532 or download The Lord's Table App. If you have any additional question you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Darlene Terrell serves in administration and education on our Missions Global Network Team. She is on a trip to Poland where she will be helping with refugees from Ukraine.


We recently put out an SOS concerning our generator and inverter batteries. We were sure the batteries were going to give out any moment and asked our friends for help. Since we receive zero power from the city and the solar panels have not yet been installed, we were sending many ''arrow prayers'' upward that the batteries would last until we could get a new generator and batteries. We are utterly amazed that we have received answers to both prayers. Although all the funds are not yet in our account, it looks like we will soon have the $17,000 needed to make a purchase here. What truly is amazing is that the old generator is still running! - Dana Adams

Our Haiti Network Partners Pritchard and Dana Adams encompasses five churches, four schools, and a Bible institute. They also have feeding programs for three of those four schools and are feeding 1300 children, teachers, and cooks weekly.

Kenya | East African Community & Central Africa

The Mother Church and The Cornerstone Conference Center in Nairobi Kenya led by overseer Bishop Joseph Mutua are having meetings but is still not completely finished. Thousands of dollars have been sent to The Lord’s Table Global Missions Network to help manage this project. This Mother Church and Conference Center in Nairobi will be the central location for over 100 churches in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, The Republic of Congo and other parts of East and Central Africa.


Thousands of people are reached each week through the radio program and the Facebook broadcast. Many churches and leaders attended a conference at the sister church in Jhapa Nepal. Pastor Tek reported there were 12 new believers and 35 people are scheduled to be baptized. Pastor Tek also reported that the local church (Gethsemane Airport Church) sent their choir team to Darjeeling India for a tour. Gethsemane Airport Church continues to support needy children and provide shelter for the homeless.

Year to Date Global Support = $196,211.20


TLT Global Missions Network Partners

Romania | Pastor Vasi Croitor

Nepal | Pastor Tek Dahal

Indonesia | Mike & Eve Brooks | Wycliffe Bible Translators

Thailand | Peter & Joan Vaughan (Resident Missionaries) EME Ministries | Greece (Europe, the Middle East & North Africa) Chi Alpha Ministries | Expeditions Directors, USA | Global Missions

EAC | Central Africa | Bishop Joseph Mutua Kenya | Pastor Joseph Mutua Uganda | Pastor Henry Kalule Tanzania | Pator Festo Mrema

Malawi Republic of Congo

Heart & Soul | Jo Woodard | USA

Global Hope Strategies

Israel Libya

EFI Global


Europe and The Middle East

Latin America Caribbean

Dominican Republic | Restoration Ranch

The Fellowship Network

Mitch Ham | Missions Pastor Darlene Terrell | Administration & Education

Denise Stevens | Financial Controller

Ken Jefferson | TLT Senior Pastor & EME Board

Steve Holder | Missions Advisor | President at The Fellowship Network

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